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Domain Registration

* Domain pricing for .info, .me, .tv, and .mobi names are good for a limited time only. Other domain registration discounts can not be used with this offer.

What is included with Exavie Domain Registration?

Unique domain names are required to host your web site. You can register a unique domain name through Exavie Communications. With your domain registration, you can update your website DNS information and other contact information easily. We currently have many discounts going thru May 31, 2014.

Exavie WHOIS Privacy (Private Registration)

We offer the Private Registration (WHOIS Privacy / Privacy Protection) option so that your personal information is kept private. Under normal domain registration, when people do a Whois Lookup, your personal information shows on the results. Use the WHOIS Privacy service by Exavie Communications, so that your name, phone number, and address will be protected from showing up on the Whois directory. You can easily add the WHOIS Privacy service for just an additional $9 per year, which is just $0.75 per month. Keep your private information from getting in the hands of marketers and other people by adding the WHOIS Privacy service.

Exavie Domain Registration Features & Pricing

Our domain registration system allows you to secure a domain name for a year or more. Our current domain registration pricing lists all the different types of domains you can register. When you register a domain through Exavie, you can easily update your contact information through the online control panel.

Get Domain Now Starts at $3.58/yr with FREE Privacy Protection *

What domain names are offered through the Exavie Domain Registration service?

Exavie Communications currently offers the following generic Top-Level Domain names:

Specialty Domain Names by Exavie Communications:

Do you offer other types of domain names?

Yes. Current domain registration pricing provided by Exavie Communications. Let us know if you would like to register any country specific domain names.